for marine seismic surveys
Universal upgrade
via lossless data compression
Our solution has a low memory and processing power foot-print, can be adapted to any point of signal relay, losslessly compresses data down to 80%
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innovative solution
for offshore surveys
The ability to compress and transmit field data has been one of the main tasks in the offshore seismic industry. So far the main type of data reduction has been carried out by means of post-processing. The key advantage that our technology offers is lossless compression at the point of data acquisition. This approach delivers multipurpose efficiency. Our upgrade increases survey efficiency and simultaneously takes the strain off the recording equipment.
Сompress field data “in-situ”
The method is compatible with all seismic survey data types: segy, segd, fsf, xtf as well as sampling rates. Any survey data can be tested prior to hardware installation to give quantitive results.
Our 'in-situ' approach enhances equipment capability without significant hardware alterations and does not require extra power reserve or space. The upgrade is carried out with integrated microprocessors performing 4x compression ratios. The hardware can be adapted at any point of signal acquisition.
Easy to use
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{Towed Streamers}
Deep Seismic
{Ocean Bottom Nodes}
Automated Surveys
{Side Scan Sonar, Sub Bottom Profiler, Multibeam Echo}
Renewable Energy
of implementing
The resultant mapping is more resolved and takes the same amount of space as low resolution survey.
Increase in survey resolution
the technology
Data analysts receive losslesly compressed raw data
Reduction of memory storage
Ability to use thinner streamers that yield same amount of data as more expensive version. Reduction in maintenance cost, storage space, were & tear.
Reduction in equipment cost
The ability to increase the autonomy cycle and yield more data per retrieval cycle alongside with automatic reduction of data transfer via optical link.
allows for increased survey resolution and simultaneous strain reduction of the recording equipment
The figure shows two waves: red is the raw data, blue is the restored post-compressed signal.
The two graphs are identical. The 'in-situ' compression enables high resolution mapping with no data loss and equipment enhancement.
of application
Technology can be implemented as a stand alone solution that increases survey quality.
Equipment manufacturers
The solution is easily tailored for on-board equipment, i.e OBN, SSS, SBS, MBES, Streamers.
Seismic survey providers
Our team comprised of offshore specialists, electronic engineers and software developers can install and test the upgrade and provide support for the R&D team.
Target the most task heavy components in order to quadruple the amount of online information from the equipment without the need to enhance bandwidth requirements
Determination of optimization route between seismic channels and geophysical recording instruments
Synching the upgrade with pre-installed hardware & software components
Library development based on your target processor platform
Seismic Space has been selected by ORE Catapult to join the Launch Academy North East technology accelerator. As part of this programme, ORE can demonstrate the upgraded technology with representative testing
Access to UK's leading technology innovation
and research center for offshore renewable energy
Offshore launch alongside with on-board support and testing by a team of specialists
Real life testing
Full modernization of the industrial equipment and training to work with a new technique.
Performing the upgrade for a range of acquisition equipment
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